So You Wanna Look Like… Luna Lovegood?!?!?

Photos and Video by Heidi Hastings I just saw the new Harry Potter and it was fantastic! I wanted to pay tribute to the last film with a Harry Potter makeover. Out of all the characters Luna Lovegood is my favorite. What makes her beautiful and charming is the fact that she is herself. Luna … Continue reading

So You Wanna Look Like…Veronica Lake?!?!

Photos and Video by Heidi Hastings I’ve always loved the screen legends that we refer to as Old Hollywood. Those women had a sultriness that set them apart. Veronica Lake was one of the sultriest sirens of all. I love how the Hollywood icons always looked fashionable (even when they went to bed). I miss … Continue reading

So You Wanna Look Like… Moulin Rouge ?!?!

Photos By Heidi Hastings Being a musical theatre nerd, it’s only natural that I love the film Moulin Rouge! My friend Jen is an actress in New York and suggested this look when she came down over Christmas. It feels so great to have another makeover on my blog because it’s been waaayy toooo long. … Continue reading

So You Wanna Look Like… I Love Lucy!?!?

Photos by Heidi Hastings In the spirit of Valentines Day I thought that I Love Lucy seemed appropriate. Lucille Ball was a beautiful woman and a GREAT comedian (which, in my opinion, is rare)! I wanted to keep the shoot light and airy. My friend Jen is the perfect Lucy -it helps that she’s an … Continue reading

So You Wanna Look Like… The New Year Ball!?!?

Photos By Heidi Hastings I want to go ahead and wish everyone a Happy New Year!!! 2010 was not half bad- and there’s always something a little sad about seeing another year fly by. My friend Jen brought this marvelous wreath over to my house and I new we had to make this into a … Continue reading

So You Wanna Look Like…A Candy Cane?!?!

Photos by Heidi Hastings I love candy canes! Every year I litter my tree with a box of these thing and before Christmas is even here I’ve eaten just about every one off the tree- it’s sooo bad! With her bright red hair and beautiful pale skin, I just had to make my friend Jen … Continue reading

So You Wanna Look Like … Hermione Granger ?!?!

Photos By Heidi Hastings. My third Harry Potter photo shoot is up and running with the lovely Ms. Granger! I love Hermione because she stands up for what she believes in and isn’t afraid to tell people when they are wrong. Since Hermione basically wears no makeup, her look is not hard to achieve. I … Continue reading

So You Wanna Look Like… Holiday Gold ?!?!

Photos by, Heidi Hastings Video Below. I’ve been decorating my favorite little red and gold Christmas tree – as I pulled the glittering gold ornaments out of the box I was thinking how great this would be for a makeover! Glittering Gold is my theme for the day. The look is a Christmas take on … Continue reading

So You Wanna Look Like… Megan Fox

Photos By: Heidi Hastings So my teacher looked at my blog and told me that I need to include more modern makeovers. I tried to think of someone who is new and trendy right now when I picked up Elle Magazine’s 25th anniversary issue with Megan Fox on the cover….She’s been voted sexiest woman of … Continue reading

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