So You Wanna Look Like… Luna Lovegood?!?!?

Photos and Video by Heidi Hastings I just saw the new Harry Potter and it was fantastic! I wanted to pay tribute to the last film with a Harry Potter makeover. Out of all the characters Luna Lovegood is my favorite. What makes her beautiful and charming is the fact that she is herself. Luna … Continue reading

So You Wanna Look Like … Hermione Granger ?!?!

Photos By Heidi Hastings. My third Harry Potter photo shoot is up and running with the lovely Ms. Granger! I love Hermione because she stands up for what she believes in and isn’t afraid to tell people when they are wrong. Since Hermione basically wears no makeup, her look is not hard to achieve. I … Continue reading

So You Wanna Look Like…Bellatrix and Narcissa!?!?

Photos by, Heidi Hastings Harry Potter fans gather round, because I am doing MORE Potter makeovers! I got so many emails from fans telling me how much they like the Ginny Weasely shoot that I’ve decided to continue my Harry Potter theme. Today is none other than the Black sisters! For those who don’t know … Continue reading

So You Wanna Look Like… Ginny Weasley!?!?

Photos By: Heidi Hastings I can’t begin to tell you how much I love Harry Potter! I can’t wait to see the movie! I’ve wanted to do a tribute photoshoot to the Harry Potter series for a while and I’ve finally gotten to it! My beautiful model Jenny did such a great job of capturing … Continue reading

Peacock Hinge Cuff

I love this Peacock Hinge Cuff from Arden B! Yes, it’s a peacock, but it reminds me of Dumbledore’s pet Phoenix – Faux. Maybe Harry Potter is on my brain because it’s in theaters today!! This is a great accessory. In my opinion, bracelets are underrated when it comes to accessories. You can wear a … Continue reading

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