TWINNING With Julep Nails and BEBE!

Hey Everyone! Happy 2015! January is my birth month- What better way to celebrate than a post with my identical twin.

The nail polish is by JULEP nails. The colors are JET and ANDREA.

The dresses are from BEBE. You can find them HERE.

The rings are from AMERICAN APPAREL

The shoes are from Cole Haan and TJ Maxx.






2 Responses to “TWINNING With Julep Nails and BEBE!”
  1. Γ€ LA MODEST says:

    Ah! Twins!

    I would’ve thought this was a real ad by Julep! Unless of course, it is. πŸ™‚ Black & gold are my favorite combo for the new year. Lovely outfits.


  2. This fashion blog is indeed good for getting the fashion information about Bebe Dresses Just for a share you can find awesome collection of Bebe Dresses only at Majorbrands.

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