Hair Care – Biotin

A friend of mine suggested I take biotin (thanks vitamin buddy). I have noticed a huge difference in my hair (it’s thicker and shinier). I take a 7,500 MCG of biotin once a day. My hair, lashes, and nails look so much healthier. It will take about a month before you start seeing a difference (but I assure you, you will see results).

“Biotin can help you to maintain healthy hair as well as skin and nails. In fact, if you start taking a biotin supplement, you should notice the health of your hair, skin and nails improve dramatically. Your hair, nails, and skin will be stronger and more resilient to the elements. Finally, biotin is important when it comes to building strong tissue in your muscles, which in turn help you to lift more weight and burn more fat. Biotin also helps to build strong tissue for your nervous system. ”


That’s my tip for the day folks!


This was my hair before (it isn’t bad looking but I noticed it was lacking shine, smoothness and was very dull). hair_before


I take the Sundown Naturals Biotin

10 Responses to “Hair Care – Biotin”
  1. John says:

    When you are back in Nashville let’s get another drink. πŸ˜‰

  2. Beth says:

    Happy Sunday Heidi. I’ve been told recently that I should start a biotin regime too. Your hair looks so pretty. How long until you really started noticing a difference? Does it make your hair thicker?


  3. Paula Tarso says:

    Beautiful as always.

  4. Andressa de Silva says:

    Linda totalmente… Totally beautiful!

  5. Sara Wilcott says:

    Wow… Your hair looks amazing. I have used lots of supplements for my hair , but i have never used a solely Biotin base. I will follow your advice. Loved this blog today!

  6. You have amazing hair! I’ve started taking biotin a little time ago and it really made wonders for my hair.

  7. Cynthia says:

    How did you get your hair to move in the last picture?

  8. Amanda says:

    You have the most amazing hair. The color and glossiness is beautiful! I think I might need some biotin as my hair is dull, frizzy and rather lifeless. By the way, I loved your Harry Potter make-overs.

  9. Fan says:

    Ohhh the pic where your hair is blowing!! Very Adriana Lima.

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