2014 … Be A Warrior!

I hope everyone had a great New Year. I have the pleasure of introducing the very first man on my blog! Everyone, meet Warleyson Almeida! He is an amazing Brazilian guitarist. This post is dedicated to the warrior within each of us. In 2014, I encourage everyone to be true to themselves- be true to the quirks and characteristics that make you…well you. Last year was an incredibly hard year in my life. I was mourning the recent death of my father and recently lost my dog of 13 years exactly 1 year later. When you lose the people you love in your life, it is painstakingly hard. It is an unbearable ache in your heart that time does not heal. You have ok days and you have terrible days. I’m not going to lie, you have days when you feel like you can’t get out of bed in the morning. What did 2013 teach me? It taught me how strong my entire family is. Heartbreak feels like it could kill you and yet somehow you still survive and go on with life. You have to continue living. The best advice given to me on dealing with grief was not to put a time limit on it. If you never get over it, you don’t have to. We grieve because we love. I will certainly never get over the loss of my Dad and the loss of my small friend. My best advice is to wake up and try to make yourself feel like a normal person (even if you don’t want to). Put on makeup and try to feel a little glamorous. Trick yourself into feeling better. I hope all of you have the most amazing 2014. Remember, it is not the amount of clothes, makeup, or money that matters. All the possessions in the world could not bring back two of the people who mattered most to me in this world and unconditionally love me. My advice to everyone is to love your family, love your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend. Tell the people that matter in your life how much you love and appreciate them. Love is all that matters. Be kind to your fellow man because you don’t know what the person standing next to you on the street is going through. Never underestimate how strong you are! Be strong, be kind, be a warrior!

Love to you all and have a very happy 2014.


Photos by Heidi Hastings

6 Responses to “2014 … Be A Warrior!”
  1. Tina says:

    This post is amazing. It breaks my heart. Thank you.

  2. Laura says:

    This post moved me to tears. Beautiful.

  3. Beth says:

    Beautifully written Heidi. Very touching.

  4. Meg says:

    Well put, babe. ❤ Love you.

  5. Christina says:


  6. I’m so sorry! 😦 Happy New Year, dear! Be a warrior!

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