Trend Town… Manchester England!

As many of you know, I spent my spring semester in Manchester England. Even though I’m no longer there, I still miss the culture of wonderful Manchester! Winter is upon us, and for those of you taking a trip abroad (or just want to stay warm), here is my tribute to a perfect winter ensemble!

1) Coat: Stadium-Cloth Coat from J.CREW: $325.00 HERE
2) Infinity Bangle from Banana Republic: $45.00 (But currently on sale for $34.99!!!)
3) 1969 Leggings Cords in New Vermillion GAP: $59.95 HERE
4) Enzo Angiolini Shoes- Zeric Tall Boots Macys: $169.00 (But currently on sale for $109.99!!!!) HERE
5)Leather Cuff from Banana Republic: $45.00 (But currently on sale for $37.99!!!)
6) Chunky-knit Sweater from H&M: $24.95 HERE
7) Wool Cloche- San Diego Hat Company on Piperlime: $58.00 HERE

What’s so great about many of these products is that they come from GAP.Inc, who is currently supporting communities affected by Hurricane Sandy. So this is a great way to be fashionable, as well as support a great cause!

6 Responses to “Trend Town… Manchester England!”
  1. Love both of the bangles and those red pants. And the cloche is so Manchester!

  2. Alexis Grace says:

    I love the boots, the hat and the coat! Such a cute look!!! Great picks!

  3. Francesca says:

    love the sweater so so much!!! *.* A kiss!
    CHECK OUT new post on my BLOG—>Burgundy & Khaki<—And let me know if you like my outfit!!! ❀ love, Francesca

  4. bellissima selezione!

  5. caroline1t says:

    Oh I love that outfit. I’m so excited because looking at it I think I have most of those pieces or similar ones. Woohoo! Just found my outfit for tomorrow.

  6. Calen says:

    I’ve never been to England. I really want to go there one day.

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