So You Wanna Look Like… Luna Lovegood?!?!?

Photos and Video by Heidi Hastings

I just saw the new Harry Potter and it was fantastic! I wanted to pay tribute to the last film with a Harry Potter makeover. Out of all the characters Luna Lovegood is my favorite. What makes her beautiful and charming is the fact that she is herself. Luna is weird, wise and wonderful. I hope you enjoy.
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How to get the look
1) Pale foundation
2) Black Mascara
3) Blush
4) Long blonde wig (if you have dark hair).

Note- In the video you will see that my model has on a Gryffindor tie. Unfortunately I didn’t have a Raven Claw one so I just used what I had.
Love to you all and I suspect Nargles.

6 Responses to “So You Wanna Look Like… Luna Lovegood?!?!?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Just Brilliant!!!!

  2. ah, you did a great job with the styling, hair and makeup. the model looks just like Luna!

  3. Anonymous says:

    THIS ROCKS!!! she looks just like Luna (only prettier ❤ ) !!!!
    Love Love Love your harry potter makeovers!!!!!

  4. kayisthegirl says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Pure magic!

  5. Candice says:

    Such an amazing makeover. I’m thinking of going is Luna for Halloween this year.

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