So You Wanna Look Like…Veronica Lake?!?!

Photos and Video by Heidi Hastings

I’ve always loved the screen legends that we refer to as Old Hollywood. Those women had a sultriness that set them apart. Veronica Lake was one of the sultriest sirens of all. I love how the Hollywood icons always looked fashionable (even when they went to bed). I miss the glamour of the screen sirens so I hope you enjoy my attempt to bring this look back.

How to Get the Look:
Lipstick- Revlon “Certainly Red”
Foundation- Revlon Photoready
Estee Lauder Bronzer
Eyes- Cover Girl Lashblast mascara
Nailpolish in “Revlon Red”
Hair- Curled and styled over one of your eyes (Lake almost always wore her hair over one of her eyes).

The vintage slip dress was purchased from the Goodwill for .50!! Isn’t that amazing??!!! I draped some chiffon over her shoulders to give the dress a diaphanous feel.

Inspiration- Veronica Lake

19 Responses to “So You Wanna Look Like…Veronica Lake?!?!”
  1. Chelsea says:

    Wow! She looks glamorous. I love the video. A Monroe Look would be fun too. Beautiful shots.

  2. Caleigh says:

    Stunning picture. I love Old Hollywood too.

  3. GabC says:

    I am floored. Amazing makeup and photos. Your model is beautiful and I can’t believe you bought that gown for .50.

    • Thanks sooo much!!! Great compliment! Yeah I got it at the Goodwill and it’s amazingly beautiful! I almost always shop 2nd hand for my “Wanna Look Like” series because it’s cheaper that way. You can always find treasures when browsing vintage. ❤ H

  4. Amazing, Heidi! I love the old glam look. xo

  5. le sorelle says:

    This was absolutely stunning! Fabulous photography and styling – I’m also amazed that that slip cost only .50!


    sorelle in style

  6. Jamillah says:

    Amazing job! Gorgeous styling…she looks like a silver screen siren with that slip on and those red red lips. LOVE.

  7. oh very good! the bold lip really does it for me.

  8. This is absolutely beautiful. Your makeovers keep getting more & more stunning! Will you be going to IFBcon? If not, where do you live? I’m tracking you down so you can do a photoshoot of me…

  9. Lauren says:

    so beautiful and so elegant! You are the makeover queen.

  10. Beautiful!!! I love these makeovers you do. They are seriously my favorites!! I really hope you are going to be able to attend IFBCon in September. It would be amazing to finally meet your lovely self!! xo

  11. Kristin says:

    You did an amazing job. That look is glam to the max!

  12. This is absolutely amazing, as always. Veronica Lake was one of the most striking beauties of that period and you captured her so well. brilliant. And snagging that gown at Goodwill for $0.50 also brilliant!

    • Thanks love! The Goodwill ROCKS!! Veronica Lake was so beautiful- and I love how she has what most people would consider to be a flaw- but she still is a silver screen starlet. She was perfection. ❤ ❤ H

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