At the Beach

I am at the beach!! The air is warm, the sun is bright and I’m feeling wonderful. Yesterday I fell asleep in a hammock for 30 minutes and now my face is completely burnt. Did I forget to mention that there was no suntan lotion on my face as I lay there sleeping and burning? However, I did have sunglasses on- so now I look like….well, a clown…A scary scary clown. Oh well, too late now. Always wear sunscreen!!! I wish I could take some fabulous pics to put up for all you lovelies but my Nikon camera is broken!!!!!!! Augh, it hurts my heart because here I am in this perfect weather with no pictures to take for you all. ❀ H

9 Responses to “At the Beach”
  1. Whitneyisthelady says:

    Looks like you’re having fun!

  2. Sounds lovely (minus the sunburn!!). I haven’t been to the beach in quite a while. The beach looks awesome in your sunglasses.

  3. Heidi Foner says:

    I LOVE the beach! It is my most favorite place to be. So relaxing! Have fun! πŸ™‚

  4. kristy says:

    yay fun!!!! i love that shot with the beach reflecting in your sunglasses. so cool! have a fantabulous time darling! you deserve to get away and relax. i hope your burn fades quickly to a tan. and i know how you feel about getting burned while having sunglasses on, the same thing happened to me last summer so i had giant pale rings around my eyes. hot! =P

    Kristy ElΓ©na – Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

    • Hahah Thanks Kristy! I hope my burn fades to tan too!! The sunglass ring has gotten a little better. I looked really scary for a couple of days. I have learned a valuable lesson. Don’t sit in a hammock when you’re really really tired!!!!!!!!!!!! lol ❀ H

  5. I am in love with those sun glasses!! I was at the beach as well haha. It was a beautiful day in Siesta Keys. I have never seen sand so white beofre in my life! I have a feeling I am gonig to be at the beach a lot this summer πŸ˜€

    • White sand!!! Love it! These glasses were super cheap (from Walmart) I always buy cheap sunglasses because I end up breaking or losing them. Glad you like them- They are cool (my sisters love them too). ❀ H

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