A Touch of Spring!

It is finally warming up here!! On Thursday it was 70 degrees…really how wonderful is that!?!? This is my favorite kind of weather! Today I went out and bought a lovely bouquet of flowers because I’m all chipper about spring! Aren’t they lovely? I have been super busy with school but I promise to get more posts up and running soon. Love to all you lovelies! ❤ H

3 Responses to “A Touch of Spring!”
  1. Whitneyisthelady says:

    So pretty! Can’t wait for spring to be here for real this time!

  2. Patrick Hiury Rocha says:

    Voçe é uma pessoa extraordinária… Seu jeito de ver o mundo, e de enxergar a beleza das coisas que nele vivem. Voçe precisa vir ao Brasil, voçe vai adorar as perspectivas que essa viajem irá te proporcionar. E lembre-se de sonhar, e sonhar alto, pois os sonhos são a semente do nosso futuro…
    Beijo linda!!!

  3. Dinheiro Fácil says:

    Oi agradável este blogue parece muito organizado………Boa pinta :/
    Adorei Continua assim !!

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