Hair Care Routine

Good hair, to my mind, is due to three things.
Number 1: Genetics. Unfortunately, we are all given a certain kind of hair texture and hair thickness at birth. Some of us are blessed with thick, shiny, beautiful tresses (think Disney Princess hair) but most of us are not so lucky. But don’t be sad! If you weren’t born with the hair you wish you were, we can always improve our circumstances!! See number 2 and number 3 below! And besides, I bet even Princess Jasmine and Ariel have a bad hair day once in a while!
Number 2: Diet. It’s so important to eat a well balanced diet to maintain healthy hair. We all know this, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of eating fast food or whatever is handy at time. Eating a diet that is full of fresh fruits and vegetables is essential. For healthy skin, hair, and good health in general, diet plays a very important role. You are what you eat you know.
Number 3: Hair Care.
Keep in mind that my hair is naturally very straight so it’s possible that some of these may not work as well for people with different hair textures! I can say though, that since using these products, my hair is much more manageable, softer, and has fewer split ends.
1.) CHI Keratin Mist : $13.99

I spray this product all over my hair, concentrating it at the roots and the ends when after I just washed it and towel dried it. Great for repairing damage, minimizing split ends, and encouraging hair growth.
2.) Biosilk Silk Therapy: various prices

Ok, I know this is really, really expensive, but there are smaller bottles you can buy that are much cheaper if you want to try it out before you make such an expensive purchase. Quite simply, I find this product amazing. It literally changes the quality of my hair to make it silky as well, silk! I have very long hair and all I need is just a dime size amount of it for my hair. This bottle will last you an extremely long time! If you feel like splurging or if you have extremely damaged hair, I really recommend this!
3.) Nexxus Heat PROTEXX Heat Protection : $11.99

This product works best for me if I let my hair towel dry for a couple minutes and then spray it liberally all over. For anyone with color treated hair, especially blonds, please please make sure to use a heat protectant before you use any kind of heat on your hair. Often people will use it when they use a straightener or curling iron but using a hair dryer is just as damaging, especially if you do it every day.
4.) CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray : $13.99

This is a heat protectant to use when your hair is already dry. I use this when I’m going to curl or use some type of heating tool on hair. And I think it smells great too.

Over the break, I’m going to be trying out some homemade remedies soon for both the skin and hair, so I’ll let you know how they go for me!

Hope this helps and happy holidays everyone!

10 Responses to “Hair Care Routine”
  1. Kay says:

    Looks good! Can’t wait for the homemade remedies!

  2. kristy says:

    this photo of you is so stunning! wow heidi!

    i use biosilk when i can find it also. =) i’ve been meaning to try the nexxus one, so now that i have a recommendation, i’ll give it a shot if i ever find it in here in milan.

    hair care is so important and i’m so glad you bring this point up! so many people think they cant do anything about their hair and it just isnt true. if i left things up to chance my hair would be constantly frizzy. i have naturally wavy hair that doesnt deal well in humidity. but unlike most people, i don’t complain about what i have. every hair type has it’s pros and cons. so ive learned how to handle mine and go from there.

    oh, and if u ever have the opportunity to try davines products, i highly recommend them. they are natural and really amazing.

    • Hey Kristy!
      You would never be able to tell by looking at you that you have frizzy hair! I completely agree- you have to work with what you’ve got- My hair is super straight and I am so envious of people with volume or curls. I am going to have to keep an eye out for the davine products– I love natural products (I’ll bet they smell marvelous)

  3. Leigh Anne says:

    Pretty hair Heidi! Love the biosilk!! Great stuff!!

  4. Your hair is absolutely stunning.

    I’ve tried the Biosilk before and I like it, but for my naturally wavy, thick yet fine locks I live and breathe MoroccanOil. I’ve never been happier with my hair then since I began using it. I also use Kerastase Ciment Thermique, which is my life(hair)saver when it comes to any heat-styling I do.

    I haven’t tried the other products you mentioned yet, though/ I will have to check them out. Thanks for putting this together!

    • Thanks for the great compliment! I will have to suggest what you’ve written for my friends with wavy hair. My hair is stick stick straight . I’ve always wanted curly hair–I guess the grass is always greener ;-P


  5. kathy says:

    Looks good

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