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As everyone knows, I entered a competition with Sunglass Hut a couple of months ago. Whilst in the contest, I received some friendly letters from another contestant named Kristy Eléna. In this world of fierce competition, getting to the top at all costs, and reading about subjects like Narcissism being removed from the DSM- I was completely and utterly shocked to be receiving letters from another contestant who wished me well and hoped I’d make it into the top 10! Kristy is a remarkable person. She is smart, stylish, kind, and most importantly- she has a lot of heart! In the middle of this competitive contest, she finds time to not only write back to her blog readers, but she actually gives back to them as well! Someone who takes the time out of their day for others is nothing short of amazing! Kristy has great karma and professionalism that will only lead her straight to the top! The judges at Sunglass Hut would be amiss in not picking someone who spreads such positive vibes to their viewers. So please- This Holiday season, and in the spirit of giving, (the way that Kristy does) please go to her blog! Stop by and leave a comment! Most importantly, rate her 5 stars!! She deserves it. Kristy-I really hope the folks at Sunglass Hut see the star that is sitting right in front if them- If they don’t then they are blind.

Visit Kristy’s blog
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Pics of Kristy and Artwork by Kristy (Yes Folks…She also is a photographer, aritist, and designer- an all around talented lady!!) Oh…and she walks her cat in the park! One of the many other things that make her totally cool!

4 Responses to “Support Blogger Kristy Eléna”
  1. kristy says:

    Heidi!!!!!!!!!! oh my god this is so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!! what can i even say?! you’re such a sweetheart, such an inspiration. and i really can’t thank you enough for this. i love the photo you photoshopped! it looks so cool. you are such a talent. i am going to link to this in the post i’m making right now. =)

    again, thank you, so much. times a million!

  2. Kay says:

    Wow, she’s so talented! Hope she wins Sunglass Hut!!!!!!!

  3. Georgia says:

    It is so great seeing two talents support each other! Good luck to Kristy!

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