Hallie Friedman Custom Jewelry

I met Grant Friedman through the internet and our mutual love of Photoshop brushes and textures on his site allowed us to get acquainted http://colorburned.com/. Well, nosing around on his twitter page one day, I wandered over to his girlfriends website. Her name is Hallie Friedman and she is EXTREMELY talented! She designs custom made jewelry that looks so good you want to eat it! Christmas is just around the corner (Hurray!) and what could be better then having one of these works of art on your finger or wrist!??! Ethereal with a twist of contemporary, they are the perfect accompaniment for any outfit or occasion. I simply love her jewelry! So please go to her site and check her and her work out!! A great gift for any loved one and an even better gift for yourself! I know I want one!

Her work is classic, stunning and original. I wanted to include a bio on her (because I’m becoming slightly obsessed with how creative she is haha).
Hallie Friedman is the designer and creator of Hallie Friedman Jewelry and Accessories. Her background includes design for Yigal Azrouel, Dana Buchman, Talbot’s Kids, and outerwear production for G-III. All of her jewelry pieces are originally handcrafted, produced and inspired through colors, patterns, and the latest trends for each season. Hallie contributed her designs for Hillel’s Fashion Show in 2008 and 2009. Her work has been photographed for magazine spreads, and she has donated jewelry pieces to the American Cancer Society Gala for auction. She sells at boutiques in NYC, Newport, RI, Vermilion and Columbus, OH.

-Click on the pictures below to go to her site to purchase these items:

Golden Crystal Bridal Comb
I love love love the Crystal bridal comb and would wear it wether I’m a bride or not -it’s very Arwen. Can’t you imagine wearing this in your hair to the ballet!?
Smoky Blue Bauble Ring
The colors of this ring are perfect for winter! The crystalized glass sparkles like a pair of blue eyes! Men…buy this for your girlfriend!!! She will love you!
Crystal Candy Pastel Bracelet
If you’re like me you love bracelets! This would make a great stocking stuffer! The colors make it festive for Christmas but give you the hint of springtime flowers!
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  2. Roxie says:

    Oh my gosh! That comb is BEAUTIFUL!

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