So You Wanna Look Like…Bellatrix and Narcissa!?!?

Photos by, Heidi Hastings

Harry Potter fans gather round, because I am doing MORE Potter makeovers! I got so many emails from fans telling me how much they like the Ginny Weasely shoot that I’ve decided to continue my Harry Potter theme. Today is none other than the Black sisters! For those who don’t know Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy are sisters. I wish they would play up the sister relationship between these two more in the films. I decided to use my sister as Narcissa…after all, what could be more perfect! Bellatrix Lestrange is one scary witch, and Helena Bonham Carter captures her essence perfectly! I didn’t really agree with the look they gave to Narcissa in the movie, so I created my own. I feel like Lucius Malfoy’s narcissistic nature would allow him to marry a female version of himself, so I really played that up. Enjoy, and as the Black sisters would say…CRUCIO!

Narcissa Makeup!
1) Really Light foundation (any foundation will do, just make sure it’s a lighter shade then you skin tone).
2) No eye shadow
3) Draw a exaggerated wing tip with black liquid mascara.
4) Rim your lower lash line with black eyeshadow.
5) Define your cheekbones with Estee Lauders bronzer
6) Light blush on the apples of your cheeks (I used NARS “Orgasm).

Bellatrix Makeup!
1) Once again really light foundation.
2) Light gray eyeshadow on the lids.
3) Take black eyeshadow and above the crease of your eye- draw another bigger, deeper crease (Bellatrix has deep set eyes so you want to play that up).
4) Lipstick by Revlon in “Grape.”
5) No blush.
6) Tease your hair to the max and put some baby powder in it!

16 Responses to “So You Wanna Look Like…Bellatrix and Narcissa!?!?”
  1. jenny kawa says:

    THIS ROCKS!!!! absolute perfection!!! can’t wait to see what’s next!!!

  2. mcQueenBeep says:

    This is beyond amazing!


  3. kristy says:

    oooh, i’m a huuuuge harry potter fan. not so much of the movies, but the books definitely!! i think it’s such a cute idea to do harry potter related makeovers. i will have to keep this in mind when i want to go as bellatrix for halloween one year. =)

    Vogue Gone Rogue

    • Yeah, Harry Potter is pretty much awesome! Watched the marathon to all the movies on TV last week- I would have loved to work on set of one of those films- even if I was just fetching coffee ;-)… Bellatrix for Halloween would be awesome- I wanted to dress like this when I went to the theatre last week to see the film (but I might have scared a few people). Hhaha! H

  4. Roxie says:

    This is one hard core Harry Potter makeover!

  5. Chrisopher says:

    Beyond cute – this is hot as f*ck. Jinx me.

  6. Jeff says:

    Bad girls…why are they so HOT???????

  7. Wow, the pictures are really good !!!! I want to look like Bellatrix !!!! Great job !!!!

  8. Effie Cao says:

    Omg Heidi!!! This is beyond cool!!! btw, I am Dicky’s friend Effie who came to ETC yesterday:) I absolutely love how you utilize the light and all your posts. They all jinx me!!!

  9. Effie Cao says:

    i wanted to say “excite me” instead of “jinx”…oh typos…lol

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