Face Care Regime

First I want to give a disclaimer. This routine is what works for me. Everyone’s skin is different, and requires different care. I have fairly normal-oily skin so keep that in mind as you read. For those of you with dry skin or especially oily skin, you may need different products to keep your skin at its optimum gleam and health.
I am including two face washing regimes. A more costly one and a cheaper one (most of the products can be purchased at CVS). You never have to spend exuberant amounts of money to look beautiful. Please remember that. For my followers that prefer more expensive items, that’s fine. Everyone’s different. Both regimes are fairly simple, nothing complicated here!
I also just want to talk about my skin for a moment. It’s not perfect and it never will be. Like most teenagers, I had a stage where I broke out quite frequently. But since I started this regime I have noticed that my skin is much better: smaller pores, softer, and a brighter complexion. I still break-out of course, but that has become less frequent. Remember, find what works for you!
Please note that any product with Retinol in it makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight and increases the ability of your skin to get sunburn. Please read the back of all face products you buy because a lot of them do this. You will need to be even more careful about using SPF when you use products like this. Take no risks when it comes to protecting yourself from harmful rays.
More expensive face routine:
I don’t wash my face in the morning. To me, it’s important not to strip the face of beneficial natural oils. I apply “Oil of Olay Regenerist Revitalising Lotion UV” (SPF 15) and am ready to go!
** Most of the Philosophy products can be bought in a package. It’s a great deal and definitely worth it:
$85 cost: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P272905&categoryId=C10462
1.) Wash face with Philosophy Purity. This will remove all of your make-up. It’s literally like magic! ($32)
2.) Apply “Hope in a Tube” to your delicate under eye area and RoC “Deep Wrinkle Filler” to any other noticeable wrinkles you may have (this product has retinol in it so you will need to wear SPF as it increases the sensitivity of your skin to the sun!!!)
3.) Apply “Hope in a Jar” to the rest of my face. Some people don’t like the smell, but I love it. It smells fresh and clean. It absorbs extremely quickly so you are not left with a sticky or heavy feeling. ($38)
After all this I relax and go to sleep! Sleep is key for healthy skin.
Once every two weeks:
“Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Peel.” Completely restores the health of my skin! Make sure when exfoliating to not rub the crystals too harshly onto your skin. They are large and if you are not careful, could scratch your skin. Also, beware! This product will also increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun! YOU MUST WEAR SPF! I cannot emphasize this enough.
Every three days or so:
Exfoliate with the “Philosohpy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash” (but I will not do this for several days after the Exfoliating peel and certainly never the same day, and you probably shouldn’t either. It could really irritate and harm your skin) ($37)
Cheaper face-care routine:
I do the same thing! Apply “Oil of Olay Regenerist Revitalising Lotion UV” (SPF 15). It can be purchased at Wal-mart and most drugstores.
1.) Take off eye make-up with Extra Virgin olive oil applied to a soft tissue (I learned this technique from Michelle Phan). It will take off all of your eye make-up! Don’t believe me? Try it!
2.) Wash your face with “Cetaphil Gentle skin Cleanser”
3.) Once again apply RoC “Deep Wrinkle Filler” to any wrinkles and apply RoC Retionol Correxion eye cream under your eye area. Let that dry for a moment.
4.) Finally, apply “Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion” all over your face
Relaxing time and then sleep!
Once a week:
I do my lemon scrub!
I do my Milk and Honey scrub about once or twice a week. It’s so gentle so you can do it whenever you want. It’s a rich treatment for your skin at such a low cost.
When my skin needs a pick me up and I am staying in for the night I apply Pure Vitamin E oil all over my face. This will feel very sticky and fairly uncomfortable but it will literally rejuvenate your face overnight. I know it feels like this is going to break you out but I have applied this for the last year and it has not broken me out once. If you are concerned, apply it to a spot on your face, sleep with it on overnight and see if it is bothered by it in the morning. Vitamin E can be bought at most natural health food stores and CVS. Make sure it’s pure Vitamin E or it will clog your pores. You don’t want anything else in it.
Some important no -nos:
* Do NOT over exfoliate your face. The most that you probably need to exfoliate is once a week (for a cheap version see the Lemon Scrub I use)
*If your face is having a very bad break-out you should leave it alone. Don’t apply a ton of products as that will only irritate your already sensitive skin.
* Your diet does affect your skin quality. If you’re going to eat buttery or foods that are fried in oil (don’t feel bad, we all do it 🙂 ) be sure to cleanse around your mouth and chin area. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies!
* Keep your phone clean! You’ll be surprised how bacteria can accumulate on it and clog your pores.
* Never, ever sleep in your make-up. You girls know who you are! First of all, if you sleep in your make-up this means you are not applying essential eye creams to your delicate eye area. Please try to remember to do this every night! Secondly, sleeping in mascara is very bad for your eyelashes. It can cause them to become brittle and break-off. Thirdly, it WILL break you out! Trust me; I had to learn this the hard way. Don’t be lazy when it comes to your skin. Have a handy make-up remover for those late nights you are just too tired to wash your face. I recommend “Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads.” You simply wet the pad, rub it all over your face, give it a quick rinse, and you’re ready for some much needed sleep!
*If you have bangs you better keep them clean, especially if you use a ton of products in your hair. You will end up with a very broken out forehead if you don’t.
* Most important, if you have bad skin, don’t stress! There are many things that can cause you to break out: poor diet, stress, your menstrual cycle… try to identify the source of what’s going on. For example, if it’s stress, find some exercise regime to reduce your stress levels. In time, your skin will improve. We all go through those times and it will pass. Stay positive and stay beautiful.
Until next time! Let me know any other requests you have!

12 Responses to “Face Care Regime”
  1. Kerrie says:

    Thanks for posting this! I’ve been waiting! I really appreciate that you take the time to give cheaper options as well as more expensive ones!

  2. Lindsey C. says:

    Ohhh! Thanks! I agree about the Philosophy products! They really are like magic!

  3. Liz Jones says:

    This info was so helpful. I tried these scrubs and my skin glowed and was as soft as a baby’s bottom. Loved it. Thank you so much and keep these blogs coming!

  4. Keisha says:

    This is the best skin care advice I have evr gotten. I have gone to three dermatologists and my skin only got worse. Looks like Mother Nature knows best. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post some more real advice like this. My skin and I love you and thanks.

  5. Kathy says:

    II agree. This skin routine has helped me more than any prescription drug I was give. Twice a week rituals keep my face glowing and blemish free. I even use it on shoulder and back break outs. Thanks, Heidi! ❤

  6. Regina says:

    I had the same problem…lots of dermatologists, and antibiotic prescriptions…Lots of ointments that burned my skin and made the breakouts worse. This natural treatment worked so well for me. It made my skin so soft and it DID have a soft glow. Kudos to you, Heidi! Keep the hints coming.

  7. Andrea says:

    There are so many of us out here that have UN-flawless skin. It hurts to see people staring at my pimples, and giggling behind my back. When I was in high school, I hoped that I would soon outgrow the acne, but at 27, it seemed here to stay. I can honestly say that the lemon scrubs have helped me more than anything. My skin is too sensitive to use intense pharmaceutical drugs on it. Lemons and Heidi, you are my friends!

  8. Latoya says:

    I have black skin that is so acne prone. It is such a problem for me and I am embarrassed for people to look at me. I’ve been using the lemon scrub and my skin is starting to look less broken out. I will keep using it and hope for the best. Thank you and I will let you know the result.

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