Studio Time!

Music Track Written by: Heidi Hastings

As I’ve mentioned before, I am in a band with my sisters. We were recording over the weekend (I shot some footage with my flip camera and decided to put in on the blog). Recording is great! There is nothing in the world like it. Being in a studio with other creative people, putting ideas together and getting some great sounding music is the best feeling in the world.

What should one wear in the studio?? Hmmm, well here is my advice:
1) Comfy Jeans or sweatpants
2) Loose fitting tank top to or shirt
3) I usually bring a robe or long shirt in case I get cold.
4) Sneakers–Which I usually take off (ok ok I wear socks in the studio)
Remember it’s not about how you look, It’s about how you sound- Do NOT NOT NOT wear tight fitting clothes!!! You do not want anything tight around your diaphragm (which is a HUGE part of breath control when you sing)!
1) Don’t wear lipgloss –The smacking your lips on a mic is only going to annoy a producer- take it off.
2) You do not have to wear makeup- Be comfy
3) However, if you have blemishes then yeah, go for it because you DO want that extra boost of confidence when you’re in there–remember you want to sell your emotion and put it down on the track so others can relate to your music.
Best Accessory
1) Olive oil (yes I drink a tablespoon of olive oil everyday about a week 1/2 before I record)
2) Water -Start Chugging this about a week to two before a recording session.

Overall- It’s about how the music sounds, not about how you look
Don’t go in the studio dressed in high heels and tight clothes– Sounding great will impress a producer much more than looking great.


3 Responses to “Studio Time!”
  1. jennyK says:

    HEY! YESSSSSS!!! i am so EXCITED for the return of HASTINGS!! this is going to be awesome. When you girls play Letterman and SNL, can i get stage passes? hahahaa WOOT WOOT!

    (oh, and thanks a ton on the olive oil suggestion! i’m always looking for a few tricks to help my vocal chords not clam up like a butt cheeks before a colonoscopy.)

  2. Derek says:

    Glad to see you guys are still recording. Hope to buy a Hastings album in the near future πŸ™‚ Keep on rocking!!!

  3. Matt Duvall says:

    Cool! I want to hear your new stuff. Will it be on I-Tunes?

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