So You Wanna Look Like… Megan Fox

Photos By: Heidi Hastings
So my teacher looked at my blog and told me that I need to include more modern makeovers. I tried to think of someone who is new and trendy right now when I picked up Elle Magazine’s 25th anniversary issue with Megan Fox on the cover….She’s been voted sexiest woman of the year and seems to be all over the internet so I definitely would say she’s pretty trendy right now. I did a couple different kinds of makeup for Mrs. Fox (because..well…her look was a little difficult to achieve-Hey…It’s hard to pull off looking like someone who has such great bonestucture!! She has lots of fun makeup that one can try to emulate.
Makeup below

Ok So what did I do to achieve Megans look?? Here goes:

Note: When applying lipstick: Draw it WAY OUT Past your natural lip line!!

The Natural Look –Seen in Video
This look can be achieved very easily
1) Foundation over the entire face
2) Powder on the eyes and nose
3) Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara
4) Don’t forget to apply blush–A light rose pink
5) A very pale lipgloss (white if necessary-mike a little pink with it)

The Event Look
1) Foundation
2)No powder-you want the face to be dewey
3) White shimmering eyeshadow over the entire lid and up to the browbone
4) Wing Tipped eyeliner -(I sketched it out in black powder and an angle brush), I went over the sketch with black liquid eyeliner, finished with mascara.
5) Hot pink Lipliner and lipgloss (I’m talking pink PINK people!)

Black Dress
The same as the Event look except I :
2) Apply gray eyeshadow only on my eyelids
3) Lipliner and a neutral pink lipstick (I used a coral shade lipstick from Revlon)


Makeup List
Natural Look
I went out and purchased a $25 color palette from Sephora!! It has every color imaginable- I used a flesh tone color on the eyes and covered the Lashes in Revlons Lashblast Mascara
Cheeks (the 2nd to Lightest blush in the Sephora kit)

The Event Look
Use white shimmer eyeshadow by Revlon
Blush-Nars in Orgasm
Lipgloss-Find the Hottest pink lipgloss you can find- I used Estee Lauder Berry Pink) But…any hot pink gloss will do the trick

Black Dress
Same exact makeup as the “Event Look” except:
“Greystone” eyeshadow by MAC
I khol rimmed my eyes in black eyeshadow (from the Sephora kit)

Red Dress: Forever 21
Black Top: French Kiss
Jacket: Macy’s

Side note:
I do not own blue contacts so I digitally made my eyes blue- If you want this look then you might want to buy some for yourself!

7 Responses to “So You Wanna Look Like… Megan Fox”
  1. Derek says:

    Never was much of a fan of Megan Fox, but your makeover is pretty spot on, like b/w photo the best. Good stuff =]

  2. Kerrie says:

    Truly stunning! You’ve managed to capture her beauty so wonderfully. You do such a great job of really creating the essence of each person you are inspired by?

    • Thanks so much Kerrie! I really try and study the look of each person before I take the pictures etc.There’s a lot of thought that goes behind each and every makeover. πŸ™‚ Thanks for always coming back and continuing to read!

  3. Beth says:

    Oh my God! I love Megan Fox’s makeup. So glad you put this up. Could you please make a list of the exact products you use?

    • Hey Beth! Thanks glad you like this one! I’m working on getting a makeup chart to put on these makeover pages as well. I’m really busy but hoping to get it up sometime in the near future.

  4. Glenna says:

    You did such a great job on this, and Megan Fox is hard to duplicate. Very pretty. Good work once again, Heidi

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