Fashion Haul

Ok…so who here wants to look cute for 1/2 the price?? I know I do. I was in the mall birthday shopping for my sister when I walked into Fossil. I love Fossil, but sometimes the prices are a little steep for me. Anyway, the girl in the store approached me saying that they just got a new shipment of the shirt I was wearing in different colors. I turned to her and told her that I purchased the shirt I was wearing at Target (and purchased about half the price ^_^)! She was aghast and said that next time she would buy her clothes at Target. You don’t always have to buy name brand clothes to look good. Remember, people can’t read the labels inside your shirt! They’ll never know what that tag says on the back of it or how much you paid for it! In an economy where everyone is needing to save a buck or two (haha or three for that matter) why not buy clothes that look great and cost less? Heck, it might just even make the brand name stores bring their prices down. Remember, it’s not the clothes that make you look beautiful, it’s your confidence. Keep shining! πŸ™‚

Click on the Pic Above for Prices and Brands

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