So I think I have an ulcer. I seem to have all the symptoms… I have all these projects that I’m working on in school and my Macbook decided to go haywire on me over the weekend (which really stressed me out). How can I describe the way I feel about my computer??? Well, It’s totally my boyfriend- We’ve only been together for a year 1/2 but I treat this thing like as if it were my baby. So into the Apple store I rush this week to have them check baby Mac out. May I just state that the people at the Apple store are awesome! I think I could go bowling with these folks and talk to them for hours over my love of software! I have to stop by again on Monday but I’m sure they will get it it fixed -They are after all Mac “Geniuses” πŸ™‚ ..So until then I will stress about Mr. Mac. and my “ulcer” will continue to grow…perhaps the people at the Apple will be able to fix me as well.
Love to all

3 Responses to “Ugh…”
  1. Kerrie says:

    Oh no! Get better soon!

  2. Katie B. says:

    OMG, I know just how you feel. My Mac is my baby too. And it gives me heartburn just thinking of something happening to it! I love your blog and those make-overs. Where do you get those beautiful models?

  3. jennyK says:

    wrap lil Mac up in a blankey and sing soothing songs… whatever you do, DO NOT feed Mac the Chicken Soup! for some reason this makes them worse…

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